The Eic Vision Is To Be A Leading Centre Of Excellence For The Spiritual, Educational, Social And Communal Needs Of Muslims Living In And Around The Greater Manchester Area.  


  • To help the community thrive. To build, strengthen and sustain individual family and community life.
  • To facilitate the personal and social development of young people by engaging them in personal, educational, spiritual, social, political, cultural, and physical aspects.
  • To promote unity, Improve life skills, knowledge and capacity of the community to espouse values of diversity, tolerance and moderation.
  • To share Islam and promote interfaith dialogue with other religious groups, by reaching out and acting as a mutual for the local communities, voluntary and statutory agencies and the wider community as a whole.


About Us

The European Islamic Centre is a place for all members of our community and its most treasured members – our children – to call home. It is a hive where we come to fortify our faith, draw sustenance from our sacred texts and practices, enrich our understanding, and renew our bonds of brotherhood and love. We aim to articulate and inculcate a dynamic and relevant understanding of Islam, rooted in the legacy of our tradition. We believe we need to put faith into action through service, and broad based civic engagement. Not welcome within our home are factionalism and dogmatism. The rules that govern our house are simple: respect, transparency, accountability, and shared decision making.